You Won’t Believe What Contemporary Glass Artists Are Creating!

Glassblowing is an ancient art form that began with the Romans, lasted through the Middle Ages, enjoyed popularity throughout the Renaissance, and survived the Industrial Revolution to continued esteem throughout the art world today. Breathing air into molten glass a skilled gaffer, or glassblower, can create one-of-a-kind sculptures and pieces in a dazzling array of colours, textures, and weights and the current generation of glassblowers are using all of these properties in a stunning merger of vision and beauty, but what they’re making may surprise you.

Creating functional pieces of art, glass craftsmen are directing their efforts to producing visually astonishing sex toys worthy of putting on a gallery show (Thanks to SexToys247.net.au for showcasing them at a local art show!). Sex and art have been intertwined since before the Romans discovered how to turn glass into beautiful pieces, so it’s no surprise that contemporary glassblowers have decided to marry the two in a more concrete fashion.

These glass sex toys are highly valued among both art collectors and sex toy enthusiasts, renowned for their beautiful and striking designs that while completely serviceable, rarely resemble the phallic shapes of their contemporary cousin, the rubber dildo. Not that glassblowers are limiting themselves to the common dong; in fact many artists are experimenting with butt plugs, probes, and vibrators. And since the mainly non-phallic designs often belie the purpose, you can leave these sex toys out on your bedside table or even your mantle without raising an eyebrow.

Example of a glass sex toy

The glassblower uses one of two main techniques to create their piece either free-blowing the glass to create their shape by rotating and swinging the glass pipe or blowing the glass into a preformed mold. Either way will always create a unique piece that is never the same as the last, and both require tremendous skill but it’s usually the free-blowing method that the gaffer finds gives them the greatest freedom of expression and creates the most distinctive works. The use of glass allows for a multitude of colours to shine through the glass, swirling, striping, and accenting in a light-catching display across a variety of possible textures. And these textures of course play an important role in more than just the look of these works as they also add an important element for massage.

Customers are not only loving the look of these modern works of art but also the feel. The Pyrex material generally used to create these toys is heavy and creates a weight that is unique to glass. It’s also extremely sanitary with a nonporous surface that keeps bacteria from grabbing hold and finding a place to grow and can be warmed up or cooled down in some hot or cold water. Of course glass in any form is still fragile to some degree, so care should be taken not to drop, but the body-safe Pyrex glass, similar to that used in high-grade laboratory equipment is shatter-resistant.

Tapping into a niche for distinctive sex toys that double as works of art, adult companies like Pipedream Products has amassed a collection of glass sex toys that are gallery-worthy. Each work in their Icicles collection is hand-blown by a skilled glassblower, and that means that no two pieces are exactly the same. This series of dildos, probes, plugs, and vibrators are made with stunningly detailed molds that produce a series of each piece much like prints of a painting and allows for some tremendously intricate designs. For display or play it will be difficult to pack toys like the Icicles No 24 away from view with its curvy tentacle-like curves and nubs or the No 48 flower-shaped plug.

Creating a visual display of swirling glass colours and creatively unique designs, contemporary glassblowers are finding a way to bring their art form to a wider audience and with greater appreciation than ever. Useful works of art, glass sex toys embody the best of creativity as they effectively marry creative expression with functionality to create a unique piece that will be enjoyed again and again.

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