You Won’t Believe What Contemporary Glass Artists Are Creating!

Glassblowing is an ancient art form that began with the Romans, lasted through the Middle Ages, enjoyed popularity throughout the Renaissance, and survived the Industrial Revolution to continued esteem throughout the art world today. Breathing air into molten glass a skilled gaffer, or glassblower, can create one-of-a-kind sculptures and pieces in a dazzling array of colours, textures, and weights and the current generation of glassblowers are using all of these properties in a stunning merger of vision and beauty, but what they’re making may surprise you.

Creating functional pieces of art, glass craftsmen are directing their efforts to producing visually astonishing sex toys worthy of putting on a gallery show (Thanks to SexToys247.net.au for showcasing them at a local art show!). Sex …

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Talkshop 14: Baconroll Handmade

Baconroll Handmade is run by husband and wife team CJ Gan and Julia Taslim who upcycle broken junk into functioning furniture. Like taking an old luggage bag and turning it into a chair. Which is exactly what Baconroll did.

I met with CJ at their home where he does some of the lighter wood work in the porch. He was trying to figure out how to turn an old broken kids’ car into a tank for his daughter, and decided to put it on hold for awhile to chat.

After he showed off some of his early sketches and explained how he dreamt of upcycling an abandon building into a self-sustaining living quarters, I realised Baconroll Handmade is really a means for …

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The organised chaos of Dirgahayu

Dirgahayu is a new band under Senipekik made up of former members from Akta Angkasa and Custom Daisy. And boy are they starting things off with a bang.

The three piece has just released a new music video for their first song Bahawasa-nya directed by Carlos Nizam of We Shoot People and Khairul Johari of VOID that captures the organised chaos of the band’s math rock sound. Shot with a DSLR on burst (8651 shots to be exact) , the resulting effect is a staccato-like rhythm of stop motion filming from a god’s-eye view.

Dirgahayu will be performing live for the first time ever this Saturday (7th December) in Singapore at the kick off show for their Rukunegara tour, followed by 9 …

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Houses with a Red Note

In this photo series Red Note, Wilfred Weegee photographed houses in Pengerang, Johor that are affected under the land reclamation scheme. The title of this series refers to the little red notices you see glued onto the wall of each residence in these photos. It is actually an official notice of demolition and at the end of 2013, these houses were taken down to make way for major developmental plans.



Once a laidback seaside town noted for its seafood and coastlines, it is now going through changes with Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex (PIPC) set to be built on 22,500 acres of land. Wilfred has been actively documenting his hometown’s deterioration and there are more photo series in his portfolio concerning this theme. …

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Talkshop 08: KG Krishnan

At 24 years old, KG Krishnan is one of the many prolific young photographers emerging from the Malaysian scene. His photography has primarily been centred around his work in the fashion industry and have garnered much attention within its circles, and his foray into street photography in the past year has led him to earning his place as first runner up for Photographer of the Year at the Maybank Photography Awards 2012, and coming in second for the prestigious KL International Photo Awards (KLPA) 2013 for the Under 25 Malaysian prize.

His latest work comes in the form of Continuum. A photo book that entails his documenting of the beauty in one of the most globally stigmatised social groups – the …

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Talkshop 06: EPIC Collaborative

Social entrepreneurship is all the rage right now, but EPIC (Extraordinary People Impacting Community) Collaborative CEO and Co-Founder John-Son Oei doesn’t believe it’s about sitting around brainstorming on how to retrofit your business plan to include donations to a charity. It’s about going out there, bumping into real problems, and finding out how to solve them.

“Social enterprise is a nicely coined term, that packages what I believe business is supposed to be about. I’m supposed to give you something that you need, and you give me a validation of my performance by currency,” John-Son iterates. “There will still be a need for charities, but social enterprises will show bigger companies that there’s a better way to conduct business.”

EPIC Collaborative currently …

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